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Location New Delhi, Delhi, India
Introduction It's not easy to describe myself. I have such a high opinion of myself that I'll probably end up using the greatest adjectives in the English language and still feel like I've not been able to do justice to myself!!! Jokes apart, I'm so much your girl-next-door. I live with my husband Dinesh and work as the Regional Manager - Ops for my company. I also do some freelancing as a content writer. I feel very strongly about women's issues and environmental issues. Therefore I try to maintain a lifestyle that keeps the jeopardisation of our environs to a minimum. I love everything natural. Fortunately, Di shares my beliefs and together we lead a simple life that borders on insanity at times. Another lifestyle choice that we have made is vegetarianism. The concept of vegetarianism and sanatan dharma is very close to my heart. "Live and let others live" is what I swear by. I sincerely believe that the vegetarian menu offers such wide variety that it is foolish to reduce yourself to eating dead animals and birds all the time. But each to his own. I try not to get too judgmental and my respect for a person does not depend on his/her stand on this issue.
Interests Cooking, photography, surfing the net and cracking really bad PJs.
Favorite Movies DDLJ, Don (new), Benny and June, The Kill Bill series, Sholay etc etc etc. We are such movie buffs that this space just won't suffice.
Favorite Music I am a Kishore/Asha/Mukesh/Rafi fan. I also love country music, especially Lobo's.
Favorite Books Gone With The Wind, Great Expectations, Wuthering Heights...get the idea?