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Gender MALE
Occupation Retired
Location United States
Introduction George D. Shollenberger was born on June 26, 1929 in Pine Grove, PA. He is a graduate of Johns Hopkins University as a scientist in engineering. He worked with telemetry on the space program and the spacecraft orbiting by John Glenn. In 1971, he joined the Department of Justice to solve the nation’s crime problem. He worked on the bulletproof vest for police, forensic sciences for crime laboratories, and community policing for communities. In the late 1990s, he concluded that crime has a root cause. After retiring in 1994, he began to unify science with all fields of thought. In 2006,, he wrote his first book,'The First Scientific Proof of God.' This is a proof of God's existence. In 2006, he became a blogger and wrote his second book, 'A New and Modern Holy Bible.' This book proves that God and the universe form one world that had no beginning and has no end. He also proves that God is panentheistic, that deism, theism, and atheism are false theories, and that God is active. He also shows that God gives us a new body after we die. Recently, he concluded that all nations and all families must become equal. He views the future as something very beautiful.
Interests Research in the physical and life sciences
Favorite Movies Futuristic
Favorite Music Christmas, and Country
Favorite Books Science and Religion