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Location Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Introduction You can just call me That Latina Chick. I was born in the New York City and later moved to Toronto to get my bachelors degree.My family is originally from Bolivia which is in the heart of South America. Whenever I hear the stories of migration, third world conditions in our homelands, the growing inequality between the rich and the poor in North America, Indigenous sovereignty and land rights claims that are often ignored, and the exclusion of the histories of people of color and Indigenous people in history classes I honestly cannot sit here and say its not my problem. It is because of my transnational experiences I deeply care about the state of the world and I want to see Pachamama (Mother Earth) healthy again.In the wake of entering in the 5th cycle according to the Mayan calender this is suppose to be an Era of change where we must collectively come together to combat the issues of social injustice and environmental chaos.It is a crucial time for us to get our act together and work towards these changes.
Interests Movies, Documentaries, Animation, cartoons, books, manga, languages, running. If I could master the art of cooking that will definitely be added as an interest someday.
Favorite Movies Revolutionary Road, Precious Knowledge, Even the Rain, Mountains that Take Wing, All Power to the People Black Panther Party & Beyond, Avengers, Christopher Nolen Batman movies, Inception, Summer Wars, 5 centimeters per second, Persepolis, Toy Story movies, Wall-E, Millennium Actress. I love way too many movies to list them all.
Favorite Music Everything I'm not picky with music If i like the beat and the lyrics then I will love it!!
Favorite Books Kafka On the Shore, La Isla Bajo El Mar, The Autobiography of Malcolm X, Almanac of the Dead, Solar Storms, People of Whales, Kokoro, Monster, 20th Century Boys, Great Teacher Onizuka, Love Medicine, Tracks. There are so many more books that I love that I cannot name them all!!!