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Occupation cartoonist & writer
Location Crunkville, North Carolina, United States
Introduction My name is Lena J. (nee' Hopkins) Jackson; but in this case the 'J' is for my middle name, Janelle. I'm a full-time cartoonist, part-time columnist, self-published author, sporadic painter, occasional spoken-word poet, devoted art teacher, round-the-clock friend and I WAS BORN A DIVA!
Interests WHO I'D LIKE TO MEET?.... Hmmmmm, I would say ANYONE WITH A PULSE ( but I know better) Definitely rich and generous people who can fatten my bank account (from all backgrounds I don't discriminate)and of course YOU, curious web-surfer! YES, I want to meet YOU.. but ONLY here in cyber-space..so um, don't make plans! WHAT DO I LIKE TO DO IN MY SPARE TIME?... Too many things to mention...(and some I just shouldn't)but here’s "MY PERSONAL TOP 10": 1. Making good and profitable art 2. Reading an absolutely delicious book I can’t put down and wanna’ walk around all day like a geek with my nose in it 3. Kickin' the spoken word without sounding like I watched all three season’s of “Def Poetry Jam” then hit rewind 4. Dancing at the hypest club in the city til' & I am good & tired or a song I hate comes on 5. Watching a REALLY good movie in a theater with an audience that knows when to SHUT-UP! 6. Midnight munching after great, freak-booty, christen-every-room sex 7. Surfing the web( hangin' ten on "Google" and "Facebook") 8. Having great, funny as h@ll and thought provoking conversation with several people in a really cool “Don’t you wish you were us?”.. kind of environment. 9. Road trips with good soul searching conversation and a great destination! 10 ..and BLOG, of course.
Favorite Movies LOVE THE TALKING PICTURE SHOWS! In my next life I want to be a film critic. I enjoy everything from a good 'chick-flick' to an artsy-fartsy-subtitles movie with teensy budgets and 'serious' thespians who care about the craft. Hmmmm, here's some of my top 25 favorites that come to mind (not in any order): 1. The Color Purple ( My daddy was in the funeral scene!) 2.As Good As It Gets 3. Sin City 4.RENT 5. Titanic 6.Anything vintage by Spike Lee EXCEPT:Summer of Sam, Clockers, Girl 6, and the 'gawd awful' "She Hate Me” (Mo Bettah Blues, School Daze, Bamboozled... newer Spike with Old Spike nuances, Do The Right Thing) 7. Love Actually 8.Nightmare on Elm St Part 1-4...only 9. Tootsie 10. When Harry Met Sally.11. The Empire Strikes Back 12. Episode II "The Clone Wars" 13.Love Jones 14. The Best Man 15. Aladdin 16. The Lion King 17.The Prestige. 18.Victor/Victoria 19.Raiders Of The Lost Ark 20.Basic Instinct 21. Fatal Attraction 22. Austin Powers 23. Wanted 24.The Harry Potter Franchise 25. The Matrix 1-2 ( they should have stopped there)
Favorite Music WHAT'S ON MY PLAY LIST? Currently: Mint Condition, Katy Perry, Jasmine Sullivan, Sara Bareilles, NAS, T.I., Rhianna, Usher, Pink, Amy Winehouse, Jill Scott, Alicia Keys, Lady Saw, Justin Timberlake, the perfect 'Get Your Groove On' mix, "Jams To Fuck To", Kanye West, Beyonce.., The soundtracks to "RENT", "CHICAGO", "The Lion King" & "Hairspary", Earth, Wind & Fire's Greatest Hits, Donna Summer, Moby, Rascal Flatts, Yanni, Buju Banton, Mary J. Blige, Meshell Ndegeocello, ..and the list goes on and on(if you have read this far..God Bless you) I like pretty much anything except Polka. Everything from Old Skool Hip-Hop, Jazz( traditional & fusion) Gospel ( except quartet music..no "Mighty Clouds Of Joy" for me), Contemporary Christian, Reggae Funk, R&B, Pop, Country, Showtunes, 70's & 80's sitcom intros to Neo-Soul( my favorite..Ahhhh, bring out the incense, candles and green tea, babeh!) I am a certified music lovah', but not a music geek tho'...At some point I MUST turn that sh#t off, or go nuts!
Favorite Books I LOVE THE WRITTEN WORD! (Especially my own, lol) I like almost every genre from various non-fiction: self-help, spiritual, biographies, gossipy-unauthorized celebrity tell-alls to fiction works like Sci-Fi( Octavia Butler, Ray Bradbury), Black women's Lit ( Toni Morrison, Benilde Little, Mary B. Morison, ZANE, Omar Tyree, Bell Hooks, Ntozake Shange, Alice Walker, Cheris Hodges, Gloria Naylor, Sistah Souljah..to name a few, Almost all Erotica and some pornography(Mystery) Valerie Wilson Wesley, Agatha Christie, (Horror)Just about anything by Stephen King especially Skeleton Crew, Misery, Needful Things and The Tommyknockers! I LOVE COMICS!!!( Yes, I am a fan boy's dream chick, self-professed geek here)ElfQuest, Love&Rockets, Strangers In Paradise, Zero Girl, The Boondocks, Birth Of A Nation, X-men, The original Mad Magazine( back when it was funny), Heavy Metal, Stupid Comics, Static, Omaha the cat dancer, Fritz The Cat, Invisible Soldier and Bohemian Cafe..