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Gender Female
Industry Arts
Occupation Unemployed (not yet starving) artist
Location Minnesota (doncha know), United States
Introduction I'm Brigid, but I'm also Mary. So by reading my comic you learn about me. Most of the things that happened to Mary also happened to me. And when it hasn't then it's duly noted. So enjoy the comic. And learn much more about me than a little blurb like this could ever say. P.S. The contents of this site are copyrighted to me. Not you. If I see anyone stealing my stuff that person is going to regret it.
Interests art, anime, manga, animals, biology, cosmology, astronomy, history, geology, fantasy, science fiction, writing, mysteries, paranormal, mythology, Japanese culture, forensics, medicine, herbs, natural healing
Favorite Movies Spider-Man (1 and 2), Over The Hedge, Happily N'ever After, Aladdin, Tarzan, Labyrinth, Peter Pan, LotR, Harry Potter, Last Action Hero, Maltese Falcon, Advent Children
Favorite Music country, pop, oldies, rock 'n roll, folk, classical, J-pop, K-pop
Favorite Books Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, C.S. Lewis's Space Trilogy, The Last Unicorn, Have Space Suit Will Travel, Wind In The Willows, The Bible, The Chronicles of Narnia, The Squire's Tale ... seeing a pattern here?

You can punch a hole in an apple using a straw. How do you think that makes your milkshake feel?

Amused. Since you can't slurp an apple.