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Occupation Mommy Actress
Location Los Angeles, California, United States
Introduction I'm a mom, an actress, a wife, and I'm not like other mothers. My husband and I started One Hot Mama after the birth of our son and the decision to parent him in a very connected way caused some upheaval in our individual psyches. Mostly mine. I would either beat myself up about my mothering style or some total stranger would do it for me. Now I have four of the little buggers, who we love. The hard work of parenting deserves support. So here we are. Join us as we help each other through the hardest job you'll ever love. Our whole philosophy of parenting can be summed up thusly: nothing you do out of love is wrong. Okay, beating your child is wrong, no matter how much you love them. But thinking about hitting them doesn't mean you're a bad mom, just that you need a break (and maybe a good shrink). You are the best parent for your own child. Motherhood isn't a race. If it is, count me out, because I'm too tired and busy to even think about getting sweaty on purpose after I've finally had a shower. So check us out. Oh, be sure to shop, too. Yeah, we love the world and all, but someone's gotta feed these kids.