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Industry Arts
Occupation Author/Actress/Journalist
Introduction I'm the kind of person who sees one of those ads at the top of an internet page that say "Wrestle the Sumo Man and Get Some Chilli Free of Charge!" or "Slap Donald Trump! Win a Ringtone!" or "Outswim the Pirranas to get this laptop!" and clicks on them just for the sake of doing it.
Interests writing stuffs, IMing people, bugging my friends (mua ha ha)
Favorite Movies The Princess Bride, Zoolander, A Lot Like Love, The Gilmore Girls Box Sets, The Notebook, Grease, me and emma's barbie movie(w00t!!)
Favorite Music The Veronicas, Damone, The Black Keys, Wicked, Rent, my flute music, the pink spiders, The Fray, Regina Spektor, Fall Out Boy, The Go-Go's, random Mix CD Crap
Favorite Books Pride and Prejudice, To Kill a Mockingbird, Matilda, The Chronicals of Narnia, The City of Ember Seiries, Avalon High, The Boyfriend List, my blog story (tee)

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I have a little dancing monkey on my tounge, that's what.