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Location Fort Worth, Texas
Introduction The Staheli Family: Me and Bill have been married for 12 years, so we are getting old. We are from Utah, where we got married and Bill finished college. We then moved to Massachusetts to go to Law School. We lived there for 4 1/2 years. Then we moved to Fort Worth,Texas for Bill's job. We lived here about 4 year and got a little dog(Shi Tzu/Poodle mix) named Tonka. A year later, we had a little Girl (Elyse).17 months later we had a Little Boy (William)Almost 2yrs latter we had a Little Girl (Riley).2 1/2year latter we ended up getting a female (Shih Tuz puppy Daisy) Kids lovng every minute. 1yr latter now we have a little baby Girl (Sage) Our pride and joy! Your Mom & Dad are very Blessed to have you all to be apart of our family.