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Gender MALE
Occupation RETIRED!!!
Location United States
Introduction This is a great country we live in, but the pace we live at has gotten soooo fast!! We need to slow down, take time to watch a sunrise or sunset, look at the trees, listen to the birds & crickets...listen to the quiet voice of Nature! Take time to take time! I'm a full-time RVer, living & traveling in a 26 year old "Chevy G-20 customized van", 19' long, 58 sq ft "Tiny House on Wheels"! Fixing her up as I travel the USA's backroads! Sharing the places I go, sharing the views...encouraging folks to get out here and see the Land! I want folks to think about taking the time to get to know themselves again, get to know what life is really about...taking the time to slow down and enjoy the time we each have to treasure each moment! So get off the interstate highways, get away from the hustle & bustle of life, slow down and look at the USA around us!
Interests Camping, Travel across USA, Seeing the backroads, Photography, Video

Have you watched a sunrise or sunset lately??