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Introduction When our angel was 2 months old, I suspected that she was allergic to wheat. By the time she was one year old, eggs made her immediately ill and we knew that there was more than one allergen. However, when the allergist showed us the results of a test for common allergens, I never imagined that she'd be allergic to ALL of them! Each day, just like so many other mothers, I work hard to create a safe and loving environment where my angel can learn to fly. With over 50 food allergies, we use creative thinking to navigate daily activites. I hope that you will be informed and enlightened, enriched and involved as you follow this blog. Let's learn to fly together - one allergy at a time!

A few of our food allergies, most anaphylactic: Legumes (including peanut, soy, coffee, cocoa, and vanilla), tree nuts, seeds, grains (except a few varieties of rice), corn, dairy, egg, peach, carrot, cinnamon, canola, pepper and a new one .... pumpkin! Although you find mushroom recipes on my site, one of us is also anaphylactic to mushrooms. But, I cook them of for other members of the family.