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Industry Maritime
Occupation killing people in a soft mood
Location adelaide, south boys go south, Afghanistan
Introduction i am a no caffeine-dependent, sleep-deprived political whose life is so ordinary, it's not even worth your profile view time - and yes, i am going to change the some couches de sel couches de MOI FELLOW DE se landsheere,shooting local harlequins, as well as those who seek to disturb the peace in Baikal, the most beautiful, pristine, tectonic lake in the worldi am someone who wants the most in the world, but gets to go through the worst before that is even possible. i write to release pressure from many many faults
Interests gisements, gaseous admixtures, resources, acta geophisica, Faults, Traps, Tectonic traps, Buddhism, Non-Violence, booze, cars, donna, fear gas, machine gun, rifle, rock, rocket launcher, roll, scarecrow, sex, shotgun, stripping, stuff, tally-ho, tank, bloody vengeance, contract killing, dead pool, death roll, guns, marksman, rocket launcher, sharpshooter, shooting, revenge, vegetarianism, literature, rights, wrongs parrots, writing, cockatiels, animals, veterinary medicine, life, Bag Pipes, Operas, Batman, SuperVillians, comic books, Watchmen, Rorschach, Alan Moore's work, descensus in cuniculi cavum, Bible sailing, science, evangelism DurrasFanLocal, Durrus, Lake, New South Wales, Australia, roo's, I enjoy BBQs, bushwalks, bridwatching, raking up roo poo and, roo hunting, I also enjoy
Favorite Movies FLIPE THE TEXAN KAN GURU, LE CINQUIÉME ELEMENT, advertisements, grass, toes, sand, friends, vests, black leather shoes, pocket watches, deer, chocolate, espresso, goblets, VW beetles, Jesus, sidewalks, family, daffodils, icicles, bicycles, unicycles, caves, hiking, clouds, eggplant, potatoes, fruit jokes, highways, jeans, bodum milk frother, garden salad from Eastside Mario's, jalapenos, squeaky cheese, swimming, cala lilies, toothpaste, iced passion tea, emails, geese, grape juice, Booster Juice, pulled beef burritos, Marie Sharp's hot sauce, lamps, warmth, ripcurl watches, sound, volcom sweaters, snowflakes, travel mugs, wood grain, concrete, yogurt, hardwood floors, waves, Oregon, iPad, bubbles, 300, 4 months 3 days 2 nights, Across the universe, apocalypto, battle royale, behind enemy lines, cidade de deus, ebony ivory and jade, kagemusha, kill bill, kubrador, love of siam, magic kingdom, pulpfiction, ran, sin city, the curse of the golden flower, the girl who leapt through time, the house of flying daggers, tinimbang ka ngunit kulang, that dawn zulueta, peacock feathers, Mini Eggs, waterslides, mini golf, friends, umbrellas, Mary Poppins, rubber boots, antique keys, gee....
Favorite Music salt and pepper, soul asylum, splender, stereophonics, straylight run, switchfoot, ataris, beatles, cure, dawn, fray, killers, tonic, over the rainbow, runaway train, mule train waters of march, waltzing matilda, Messiah, Regina Spektor, Les Miserables, The Phantom of the Opera, Carmen, Tchaikovsky, Turandot, Watermusic, Mozart
Favorite Books O João Basco in prime in prime até cóprime, chama-se a isso primado do direito, Para ó Digma, Basarab Nicolescu, Paradime Perdu, Paradigm Lost, Edgar Morin, dolmain 1983, Charlie and the chocolate factory, Roald Dhal, ukay-ukay, unconventional art, Liongoren effect, weird nursery rhymes (the rain in spain, there is sorrow in the air, men are dying, Ofiúco, John Varley, Kurt Erich Suckert, titolo, La rivolta dei santi maledetti, poi, Viva Caporetto, La rivolta dei santi maledetti, edizione romana, una storia del testo, dall'21, Firenze, Le nozze degli eununchi, L'Europa vivente, in L'Europa vivente e altri saggi politici, Italia barbara, La Voce, Intelligenza di Lenin, Technique du coup d'état, Bernanos, 1914, 1984, Tecnica del colpo di stato, I custodi del disordine, Torino, Bugatti, 1933, Le bonhomme Lénine, Bernard Shaw, 2000, Deux chapeaux de paille d'Italie, Dafoe, pubblicanos, ill francese, Les deux visages d'Italie, Coppi et Bartali, Adelphi, Due anni di battibecco, Maledetti toscani, gog e Magog, Mamma marcia, con Lettera alla gioventù d'Europa e Sesso e libertà, Leonardo, L'inglese in paradiso, Primo Levi, Gesù non conosce l'arcivescovo di Canterbury, L'inglese in paradiso assieme a una raccolta, Corriere della Sera, sotto la luna, Candido, Benedetti italiani, Viaggi fra i terremoti, Journal d'un étranger à Paris, Diario di uno straniero a Parigi, Avventure di un capitano di sventura, Romani, Fughe in prigione, Sangue, Donna come me, Il sole è cieco, Il Volga nasce in Europa, La pelle, Storia di domani, Anche le donne hanno perso la guerra, Il Cristo Proibito, The Illusion of the Fascist Revolution, taxonomie des objectifs salauds hier, putains demain