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Introduction Thinking back, I was probably destined to be a builder from age 4. My father was building our family home and I was his helper, picking up the nails, thinking I could straighten the bent ones just like my dad. By the time I was 6 or 7 it was building tree houses in the woods with my best friend, Robbie. Even the designer/builder was there in the beginning. Dad designed our house and I can build treehouses. What's the big deal? It took until my late twenty's to find building as a profession. I first needed the life experience of the Navy, traveling Europe and working in Alaska to see where those early years fit in my life as an adult. Once a tool belt came into my life it has never left. Thirtysomething years later Shadowline Construction, Winthrop, Washington is designing and building custom homes, remodeling existing homes, even building a gazebo for a change of pace. Life is good.