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Gender Male
Industry Education
Occupation Reader, Researcher, Writer, Speaker
Location Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Introduction I am a 4th-to-6th generation Australian of Silesian (Prusso-Polish), Welsh, Schwabian-Württemberg German, yeoman English, Scots, & Cornish stock; all free settlers who emigrated between 1848-1893 as colonial pioneers. I am the 2nd of 7 brothers and a sister raised on the income off 23 acres. I therefore belong to an Australian Peasantry which historians claim doesn't exist. I began to have outbreaks of poetry in 1975 when training for a Diploma of Mission Theology in Melbourne. I've since done a BA in Literature and Professional Writing and Post-graduate Honours in Australian History. My poem chapbook 'Compost of Dreams' was published in 1994. I have built a house of trees and mud-bricks, worked forests, lived as a new-pioneer, fathered-n-raised two sons and a daughter, and am now a proud grandfather. I have worked as truck fresh-food farmer, a freelance foliage-provider, been a member of a travelling Christian Arts troupe, worked as duty officer and conflict resolutionist with homeless alcoholic men, been editor/publisher of a Journal of Literature for Christian Pilgrimage, a frontier researcher, done poetry in performance seminars in schools and public events.
Interests I bother about 3 things. 1. Why there's something rather than nothing - and all of what, when and where. 2. That somethings also quicken with life and how. 3.That this life form I am is conscious of inklings of knowledge and inspirations from beyond my thingo self as other's sometimes are.
Favorite Movies Julian Jarrold's Crime & Punishment (BBC) 1900, War and Peace (Bondachuk), Andrei Rublov, Bicycle Thieves, Stalker, Ten Canoes, No Country for Old Men, Samson & Delilah, Gran Torino, Van Diemen's Land
Favorite Music A Prayer: Lord, give me what you have made me want, I praise and thank you for the desire you have inspired; Perfect what you have begun, and grant me what you have made me long for. Anselm of Canterbury (1033-1109) Johnny Cash Gospel, Gurrumul, Bluegrass, Gillian Welch, The Waifs
Favorite Books Reading: any Flannery O'Connor, Jacques Ellul's PROPAGANDA, Bonhoeffer's 'Ethics', Montaigne's 'Essais', Martin Amis, 'Koba The Dread', Robert Conquest 'The Harvest of Sorrow'. Cormack McCarthy

Try writing your name with your other hand. Where was that person raised?

My Google Web-page:'A life in Conscience to a Coming Earth' about my grandfather: Horace James Jackel - http://waygoer.googlepages.com/horacejamesjackel OR go to: MY WEB PAGE, above left