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Industry Education
Occupation Teacher
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Introduction I am an American raised in Michigan, persuaded by the Rocky Mountains to live in Colorado, now transformed by traveling and inspired to explore the world. I have immense intentions to embrace opportunities to share my own cultural identity with others, and to immerse myself in a new and different world. I am interested in living in, working in, and learning about new cultures. I want to make a difference somewhere.
Interests Honesty, True people, risk-taking, talented music, the outdoors, dancing in the rain, deep conversations, self-growth, open-mouth smiles, life-long education, traveling to new grounds, thought provoking experiences, geology, intellect, good food, creating new things, art, relationships, sleep, road trips, human connection, good listeners, open-mindedness, beats, poetry, looking forward and going forward, new people, dancing, influencing lives, growth, lips, integrity, exploring, inner beauty, choice, meditation, letting go, warmth, hands, kissing, google earth, adventure, percussion, determination, windows down, all animals, people who will always be in my life, challenges, fun times, heavy heartedness, good hugers, excitement, learning from mistakes, tattoos, faithfulness, humbleness, earth science, irony, keeping your word, dream interpretation, independence as well as togetherness, natural tones, avocaods, eye contact, physical contact, emotional contact, spirituality.
Favorite Movies The Labyrinth, The Dark Crystal, Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas, Willow, & other mind-altering films.
Favorite Music Rock N Roll, Experimental
Favorite Books Mutant Message Down Under, Cosmic Serpent, The Alchemist, The Peaceful Warrior.

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