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Introduction I am a prostate cancer survivor. That's better than NOT being a survivor but not quite as good as not having cancer in the first place. I was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2003. I've still got it. I had surgery followed by radiation followed by clinical trials followed by hormone therapy. The whole experience has been educational, interesting, and more than a little traumatic from time to time. I decided to write a book about prostate cancer facts AND my personal experiences. You can find it on or at my website ( The title is: REAL MEN GET PROSTATE CANCER TOO. Real men (and most of us guys think we fit that description) actually do get prostate cancer. A lot of us have and will in the future. And whether it is diagnosed when you’re 49, 63, or 87 there’s a good chance it can be cured or lived with or managed. It works better if we do the right things – whatever those things may be. What are your experiences with prostate cancer? This blog is open to your experiences, wisdom, victories, and disappointments. Click on COMMENTS and ask questions, share, and if you happen to have a cure up your sleeve...