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Industry Student
Location New Jersey, United States
Introduction Well... I believe in words such as dappled and couple colored/I believe the sky is inspiration/I believe that after every setting sun, one will rise/I believe in daydreams (and all dreams for that matter)/I believe in laying in the grass/ I believe in reincarnation/I believe that each of us is our own God; We're in control; I am not a puppet/ I believe in singing for the one you love/I believe a good teacher is worth your love and respect/I believe in sex before marriage, but saving your virginity until that right moment/I believe there are a lot of right moments we miss out on, because we are too afraid to act on impulse/I believe time does heal all wounds/I believe in dancing naked in the rain/I believe in the supernatural/And I believe in you/But more importantly I believe in me/I believe in my talents and I believe in my flaws/I believe I can change the world and I believe I will/I believe I am a word and this is my definition/I believe I have given too much of myself away, but I believe you wont take advantage/I believe in speaking my mind, keeping nothing in and showing you just who I am/I believe in the truth, so if you have a question, just ask. =D
Interests Life!
Favorite Movies Breakfast at Tiffanys, Dead Poet's Society, 10 things I hate about you, Labyrinth, The Last unicorn, Dark Crystal, Breakfast Club, Fried Green Tomatoes, Wild Hearts Cant be broken, Steel Magnolias, Gross Point Blank, The Lion King, Beauty & the Beast, Willow, Ferngully, Princess Bride, Pretty Woman, Princess & the Goblin, Once upon a forest, The Thief and the Cobbler, Arthur, Without a Paddle, V for Vendetta, Almost Famous, Aeon Flux, Serenity, Pirates 1, 2&3, A Fish Called Wanda, The 10th Kingdom, Nanny McPhee, Hannibal Lecter movies, and many more.
Favorite Music First and foremost Bob Dylan♥, Kenny Loggins, Loggins&Messina, Seals&Crofts, Nada Surf, R.E.M., Jackson Browne, Neil Young, Greatful Dead, Joni Mitchel, Don McLean, Shawn Colvin, Dar Williams, Blind Melon, Frank Zappa, My Mourning Jacket, Badly Drawn Boy, The Unicorns, Dismemberment Plan, Dan Bern, Divinity Destroyed, The Wailin' Jennys & many more!
Favorite Books -Leaves of Grass, The Things They Carried, On the Road, WICKED, The Same Stuff as Stars, Stranger in a Strange Land, Rasin in the Sun, Deepest Thoughts, Life History of a Star, Of Nightingales that Weep, The Secret Garden, The Picture of Dorian Gray, Alice in Wonderland & many many many more!

Which is more important to you and why: flexibility or expandability?

Flexibility, because expandability can never happen if people are not flexible enough to expand. Flexibility and acceptance are the same thing. Expandability and change are also one in the same. We can only change, once we learn to accept.