About me

Location new york state of mind, california
Introduction Fashion designer/ student. 'Blerga Blerga' is a phrase I started using a few years ago to describe being in'an intense state of work.' otherwise known as 'flow'. Since I display most of the fruits of my labor here, I figured, Why not call the blog 'Blerga Blerga'? and there you have it.
Interests fashion, art, sketch, sew, color, paint, chocolate, photoshop, lookbooks, collage
Favorite Movies breakfast at tiffany's, ferris bueler's day off, sixteen candles, 21, devil wears prada, gone with the wind, mona lisa smile, step up, the right stuff, forrest gump, quiz show, motorcycle diaries, chocolat, el laberinto del fauno, mean girls, running with scissors, music and lyrics, the pursuit of happyness, pride and prejudice
Favorite Books the great gatsby, breakfast at tiffany's, the sun also rises, kim fashions a career, jenny sam and the invisible hildegard, like water for chocolate