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Introduction Hmmm . . . Well there's not a whole lot to tell about me. I am a happily-married young mother with many interests ("a.k.a. Jack" referring to "Jack of all Trades"). I enjoy learning, strengthening talents, and developing new skills. I tend to be a very focused person, enjoying whatever I have put my mind to. Having goals to accomplish helps keep my mind sharp and my spirits up. Most of all, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends. Although I am sometimes a bit shy around people I don't know well, I really do have a deep love for people and tend to easily recognize their traits and interests similar to my own. Well, I guess that's "me" in a nutshell. Nothing too unique or interesting, but "me" nevertheless.
Interests my family, architectural design, design and art of all sorts for that matter, piano, guitar, music in general, carpentry, sports, outdoors, mathematics, science, grammar, gymnastics, wooden toys, sewing, crochet, good food!!!!!