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Gender MALE
Occupation Children's mental health clinician
Location Canada
Introduction I'm volunteering as a "left voice" for the Debate Space Blog, so I'm somewhat left of centre, more so on some matters than others. As a Canadian I sometimes assume or miss things evident to US readers, so I hope folks will cut me some slack. I live in rural Canada with my wife and a bunch of cats, God willing children in the future. I vote for the NDP, our quasi-socialist (not communist folks, socialist) party most of the time. I'm a believing Christian of the Protestant variety. I'm annoyed both by Christians on the right who feel I can't be both Christian and 'progressive', and by atheists/agnostics on the left who don't like to accept me as "one of their own" because I go to church, believe in Jesus and treat the bible as scripture rather than myth or dubious history. Regarding controversial stuff: I supported the invasion of Afghanistan, opposed the invasion of Iraq and think that withdrawing from either nation right now would be insane and lead to tragedy. I think American politics is everyone’s business so long as the US is the sole hyperpower and active on the world stage. I think the 2 party system in the States is nuts, and neither party is trustworthy.
Interests Fitness, Video Games, working with men to end violence against women and children, being opinionated
Favorite Movies Aliens, Antonia's Line, The Princess Bride
Favorite Music The Tragically Hip, Blue Rodeo, Keith Green, Dixie Chicks, Rage Against the Machine, Rich Mullins, Hank Williams Jr., Big Sugar
Favorite Books A Game of Thrones, Guns, Germs and Steel, Against All Enemies: Inside America's War on Terror