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Location San Francisco, California, United States
Introduction "Pasar Senggol" San Francisco is a grass-root community event of Indonesians living in San Francisco Bay Area, CA. In Indonesian, "Pasar" means market and "Senggol" means bumping to someone else's butts. This term probably evolved since the scene of Indonesian market is always overcrowded. Then, not at their will, the people in the crowd bump their butts one another. I am afraid you can only this unique experience in Indonesia. :) In English, I just simply call this event "Indonesian Street Fair". Pasar Senggol San Francisco showcases many different kinds of "home-made" Indonesian food, snack, sweets and beverage, as well as Indonesian-owned businesses in the Bay Area. Pasar Senggol also stages Indonesian dance and cultural performances, Indonesian Idol Contest, as well as the appearance of top artist from Indonesia. There are probably over 10.000 living in San Francisco and Greater Bay Area. Pasar Senggol is organised by Indonesian Bay Area Society, the social project extension of ICANET (Indonesian, Chinese, American Network), non profit organization under IRS 501 (c)(3) in San Francisco. E-mail :