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Industry Education
Occupation Teacher, Outdoor Adventure Guide, Organizer, Promoter
Location Holladay, Utah, United States
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Introduction I enjoy a rich, abundant life, filled with supportive family members and loyal friends. You are invited to join the many activities I offer year round. Go to and sign up for my free newsletters. Invite a friend or family member!
Favorite Movies I don't watch movies very often. I have a hard time sitting still. If I sit still for very long, I generally fall asleep. My family knows I have high standards when it comes to movies and they find a few that I would like. Since I would much rather be moving and doing other things, a movie better be worth my time and money. When I do watch a movie it needs to be clean, no foul language, romantic, funny, thought-provoking, inspiring, action-packed, educational, etc. NOT all of these things are in the same movie, however. I just want an uplifting experience - not a downer.
Favorite Music Homeward Bound, Michael Buble, Cold Play, Jason Mraz, Mormon Tabernacle Choir, Romantic Music, Swing Dance Music, Latin Dance Music, International music especially from Italy, anything I can dance to, Andrea Bocelli, any music that is peaceful, soothing and calming, etc. Music that is inspiring and uplifting. My four grown children (ages 18 - 28) have great taste in music and introduce me to a lot of great stuff.
Favorite Books I have a hard time sitting still for a long time so I look for "How To" magazine articles, books that are quick, easy to read, lots of photo books, short, positive and upbeat storylines, autobiographies of great people, children's literature, etc. I love reading thoughts, scriptures, and anything else that makes me want to be a better, kind, caring person.