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Introduction Who am I?

Now that you know my name and have seen my face, the typical thing would be to follow up with a flattering bio. Instead, I’m going to be cheeky. Rock hammers, cattle, financial markets, and blue jeans have all played pivotal roles in shaping who I am, but how they fit together is something I'll leave to your imagination. Perhaps you will imagine me to be a prince among princes. Or a scoundrel among villains. A somebody, an anybody, or perhaps a nobody at all.

In the end it does not matter who I am, what credentials I bring to the table, or how well I can fluff my resume to project an aura of expertise. If what I write has value, my bio should be irrelevant and who I am will be revealed in the spaces between the lines.

Besides, the less you know about me, the less reason you will have to trust me. Which means you will be forced to consider the quality of the evidence I lay on the table based solely on its own merits. And you will have nothing but my thought processes to help you judge whether the conclusions I reach are justified. And in that, both science and democracy will be well served.