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Introduction Hi, my name is Grey and I am a dog. A very simple dog. Yes, I know the little button says my name is "Savi" but I can not seem to get a Blogger account of my own, so Boss is letting me use hers. She is not very into keeping up with a blog, so that falls to me. See, my people rescued me from a shelter and I am so so so so so thankful that I will do anything for them, including writing this blog. Oh! See that! My tail is wagging because I am thinking "so simple even a very simple dog can do it!" You know, like that commercial on TV with the guy that looks like Big One, but is not Big One because Big One lives with me and Boss and Player and Talker. Anyway. Where was I? I do not remember. Maybe I will see if Boss will give me a treat for doing the intro so good. Bye!