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Gender MALE
Occupation CEO, Dyckerson Enterprises Worldwide
Location Afghanistan
Introduction Mightonimous "Mighty" Dyckerson is the great great grandson of Richard Jeremiah Dyckerson, who with his wife Candi, came to the U.S. in 1812 on Carnival Cruiselines with nothing but the shirt on his back, the pants on his legs, and the underwear around his crotch. Mighty Dyckerson was born in present-day Dyckersonville, where as a youth he developed a passion for poon. Bored with traditional education, young Dyckerson dropped out of school in 6th grade and started Dyckerson Enterprises Worldwide, a multi-dollar corporation with offices in nearly 2 countries. Today, Mighty Dyckerson enjoys a quiet family life with his wife, mistress, and 14 illegitimate children. In his spare time, Dyckerson enjoys basket weaving, littering, reading to the deaf, and sitting naked in his van while watching children on playgrounds with binoculars.