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Occupation Social Worker
Location Culver City, CA, United States
Introduction Hello all! I am finally getting back into blogging after a year-long hiatus. Moving to a new city clear across the country shook my little world to the core, and I am finally starting to get my footing here in sunny Southern California. I am starting to seek out new kitchen adventures for Peas & Cues and hope to find some other adventures for my newest blog, A Life of Spice. Look for my photo and travel journals and day-to-day mishaps to pop up along the way. Happy reading!
Interests I really don't know how to answer this question, for I find my interests are somewhat changing lately. I still love to eat but have lost some of my passion for cooking. I have goals to rediscover running, pilates and yoga, all of which I have neglected for the past several months. I love traveling and exploring my new city, Los Angeles. I am finding more reasons to love my job every day (sounds cliche', huh?) and really love being a good Social Worker. I love to shop but can get into trouble if I am not careful! Overall, I would say that I am a work in progress!