Hi! I'm Michelle

About me

Introduction I'm a busy homeschooling mother of two, living in the Deep South in a never ending episode of This Old House. In addition to home renovations and decorating projects, you'll find me sewing costumes for theater productions, on the prowl for treasures to fill my antiques booth, enjoying roadtrips for my genealogy research and squeezing in a few beach trips! I love to stitch and sew in my skinny minutes.
Interests Bible Study, Sewing, Needlework, Reading, Decorating
Favorite Movies The Birds, Steel Magnolias, Gone with the Wind, Night at the Museum
Favorite Music Travis Cottrell
Favorite Books The Bible, - Great Lives series by Chuck Swindoll, - To Kill a Mockingbird, - Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, - Gone with the Wind, - regional cookbooks