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Gender Male
Occupation Artist/ marketing & promotions specialist
Location Jamaica, NY, United States
Interests my interest is making my fans happy honestly. whether it recordin, performin etc nuthin makes me feel better knowin that sum1 sumwhere is luvin the music that i take the time to make. when its not all about the fans i enjoy spending time with my family, hittin up the movies, readin books, clubbin or hittin a lounge/bar and jus wateva else i can think of.
Favorite Movies 2 much 2 name honestly i luv comedys and actions though. i been startin 2 get up on my horror film tip as of late. if i had to say sum off the top of my head i might go with "office space" and "american beauty" because i feel i can relate to them cuz they both jus said f**k the bulsh##t imma do my own thing lol. true rebel status right there.
Favorite Music obviously me being a hip hop artist i am very much so influenced by hip hop. sum of those artist include lupe fiasco, eminem, pac, pun, big l, ll cool j, will smith (yes thats right i said will smith lol), jay, nas, etc but i also am a very big fan of rock. sum of those artist include paramore (r.i.p.), linkin park, panic at the disco, muse, nickleback and the list once again goes on n on. as for r&b i would say usher, trey songz, ne-yo, bruno mars, jasmine sullivan, keri hilson, and john legend
Favorite Books fav books....hhmmmm tuff 1 i might have to go with julius Caesar by Shakespeare for right now. there were so many hidden lil lessons to learn in there its crazy.

When you've got water stuck in your ear, how do you get it out?

who is ready for me and my legacy?!