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Introduction Land of Anna, a place that can't be found in any atlas. Blogging gives me a chance to show you my world, the places I visit when I loose my wing and need to find it again or to share the abundance living in my heart. Sometimes I feel like a child as my hand is taken and led to a path I didn't know excisted or wasn't willing to travel before. The past + the present = the future. This sentence is one of the red threads throughout my work. Time and again a story captures my attention and makes me want to feel it, hold it. Two other red threads are my love for music, a huge source of inspiration especially the lyrics and the way a guitar is touched and the beach. Living on a peninsula means that the beach is just around the corner. The blue sky, the colours, shapes of the stones and shells, patterns made by the water or birds, the salty water, all this movement gives me a sense of peace. By finding my red threads I weave a life, my life becomes a piece of cloth which appears here at Landanna. Hope you enjoy your stay. Elizabeth