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Gender MALE
Introduction When I was sixteen years old, I was introduced to the philosophy of freedom. Its' principles are simple. Its' implications can be very complex and at times apparently contradictory. Over the past 35 years of applying libertarian principles to real life, I've learned that if there is a conflict between the two, there will be pain before resolution. One or the other is right, and one or the other must be given up. This blog will be, I hope, a record of real-world situations that I or people close to me have found themselves in, and how libertarian principles were applied or modified.
Interests Current events, economics, retail, sailing, boat building, singing, libertarianism, Ron Paul, Austrian Economics, History
Favorite Movies The Great Escape, Groundhog Day, Legends of the Fall, Crash, Schindler's List, Saving Private Ryan, When Harry Met Sally, It's a Wonderful Life, Once, Crazy Heart
Favorite Music Country, 60's & 70's Rock and Roll
Favorite Books Atlas Shrugged, For a New Liberty, Anarchy State & Utopia, Economics in One Lesson, Shakespeare, and anything by Twain, The Creature from Jekyll Island