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Introduction I'm an actor but I like to write. I should have been a writer. Hire me. This, I guess, is my magazine. The magazine of Dave. His daily - let's hope not- journal. His travel journal. I'd write to my friends but they can't read my writing anymore. I can barely read it myself. So I type. To them. To you. Myself.
Favorite Movies The Third Man. The Deerhunter. That's about it. It's like Chekov and Shakespeare, everything else can be born between the two. Oh the early films of Kusturica. And all of Tarkovsky, Done.
Favorite Music Has to still be Stravinsky. All of him. Or some anonymous baroque improvs. Or The Cramps. Or AC/DC. Or the opening piano prelude of It Never Entered My Mind on Working with Miles. Or KD Lang. PJ Harvey. Anything Russian or Bulgarian shouted by women in the fields. Real Flamenco. Which means if you can keep the beat with your hands it's not real. Or you've been studying it for 10 years. Or you're Spanish. Bagpipes. Celtic keening. English people screaming at football games (NOT their inane team songs set to popular tunes). Japanese flutes. Appalachian hill songs. Rod Stewart. Yeah that's it really. Rod singing I'd Rather Go Blind....and maybe Jeff Buckley sometimes....and Chopin and Faure and Sarah Vaughan singing Key Largo and Ellington and the guy from that band who played lead guitar on Matthew Sweet's first albums and ABC and The Smiths and Neil Young singing Needle and The Damage Done or After the Goldrush. The kids at Calvary making up a new tune for Amazing Grace or Sting singing acapella for his dead father or The International sung in Hungarian or Ragtime or The old Soviet Anthem...or..or... and.... and....it's no good now his heart's stopped beating, he's gone.
Favorite Books The first 90 pages of The Crossing. Anna Karenina. ALL AND ANY BARRY HANNAH. Gatsby. Stoppard's Arcadia. Joyce Carol Oates on Boxing and her dad. Joan Didion's "Where I was From". Jack Gilbert's Pgh poems. Yeat's Song of Wandering Aengus. Shakespeare shakespeare shakespeare