Ana Bastow

About me

Occupation Storyteller
Location United States
Interests Science, nerdy hobbies, storytelling, child-rearing, art, literature, movies, music, cooking, animation
Favorite Movies Star Wars, Star Trek, Ever After, City of Angels, A knight's Tale, Forrest Gump, Matrix, The Incredible Hulk, Watchmen, Twilight, The handsmaid tale, Twilight Saga, The Avengers, The Fountain, Death Becomes her.
Favorite Music I love intense songs. So sad that it might you feel like dying, so happy that the world looks like a wonderful peaceful place, so much love that you can taste it. The artist is not important, the feelings are.
Favorite Books Pride and Prejudice, Blindness, Harry Potter, The divine comedy, A brief history of time, The discoverers, Historias para un Buen dia, Yelidá, Martian Chronicles, La Guerra de los Mundos, De la tierra a la Luna, El cuaderno dorado, Watchmen, El cuaderno dorado, Seda.