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Introduction Here are some things I love: Meeting new people, being myself, songs from disney movies, chocolate, writing everywhere and anywhere, laughing, having lots of inside jokes, singing in the shower and practically anywhere else, mascara, the script, volleyball, oversized tshirts, making other people happy, and above all else- falling more in love with Jesus every day.
Interests Jesus, Chocolate, Loving others, Writing, Lemonade, Singing, Oversized Rings, Acting, Snuggies, Mascara, Little Kids, and Smiling
Favorite Movies Back to The Future, Star Wars, Somewhere in Time, The Princess Bride, Cool Runnings, The Man Without a Face, The Proposal, He's Just Not That Into You, Titanic, The Notebook, Mrs. Doubtfire, The First Knight, The Blindside, My Best Friend's Wedding
Favorite Music Anything but Country!