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Gender Male
Location New York, NY, United States
Introduction I received my MA degree in Politics at NYU and have an itch to write and speak my mind. My writing will center around one fundamental concept: community. Over the years, after reading a plethora of literature about America's decline in community and civic engagement, I realized that classical liberalism on its own falls short in addressing these problems. We need so badly to come together as one cohesive people. However, that cannot happen nationally with out it first occurring on a very local level. This starts, of course, with family and friends. If we can, through bonding on a micro level, learn to establish norms of trust and reciprocity, then we can, hopefully, learn to extend those norms externally to the broader community. Though I am only a writer, I hope to inspire some of you to consider the importance of association, as it is imperative for the survival of the Western world.
Interests American politics, general conversation, communitarianism