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Industry Chemicals
Occupation Nitegirder
Location Tipton Town
Introduction My friends call me quirky, my enemies call me insane. What is that you say, Loki? I have no friends. How very perceptive of you. Baldr was a fool to allow himself to be bedecked in mistletoe; it suited him not at all. Anyway, Loki, how can I be mad if I have a certificate professing my sanity- scribbled on by an MD, no less. Loki acknowledges my point and retreats into the darkness to await a more propitious time. I’m waiting Loki and I will always be ready. Where the fuck can you get hold of mistletoe, these days?
Interests Legs akimbo, star stealing, dream crushing, difficult sums.
Favorite Movies Mr Spanky goes home, Lassie finds a bone, Hitler, the wonder years, How to avoid a sore arse and still enjoy anal probing.
Favorite Music Anything by the Nolans and Rick Astley.
Favorite Books Kant's riposte to the British Empiricists with special emphasis on the philosophy of David Hume. The runic alphabet and how you can live the American dream, The orgasm in contemporary art, Stop touching my winky, Mr Sausage.

Why are silent farts always the smelliest?