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Introduction I was born and brought up in a beautiful place called Goa in India. Beaches, sand, hot summers, heavy rains in monsoon and plenty of mangoes make a big part of my childhood memories.

I have to live outside of Goa for work and at times cannot visit home as often as I would have liked. But I believe that this whole world is one big family and home is where you are. Travelling has given me an opportunity to meet amazing people as I move along and feel so strongly connected to many.

I love to observe people, meet and know more. Sometimes a lenghty conversation can mean nothing to me while a small gesture can end up being a small story. I want to make this blog as a keepsake with memories I want to share, thoughts and feelings I want to explore.

I know many of us share similar passion but never find time or the energy to pen down the life's amazing stories. I hope people who read this blog find something in common, enjoy reading my perspective of looking at things and even feel motivated to start blogging.
Favorite Books Tuesdays with Morrie, Five people you meet in heaven, Shantaram, Timeline