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Introduction In truth, heartache can be very difficult and requires identifying the root cause of the problem, to learn from it, and then move forward. We must learn from past mistakes and take caution so we don't fall into the same destructive patterns and behaviour again. Here are some tips and techniques to help with the process of moving forward toward a possible resolution. You many view this aspect of coping with relationship problems as a derivative of developed interpersonal and communication skills.
Interests What is a broken heart anyway? Well, if you think about this logically (hard to do when it comes to love) the heart is really just a muscle. It can fail us, freeze up, block up or otherwise shut down, so in that sense you could call it broken. When it comes to romantic matters of the heartit feels like all of the above and more. Our heart can feel as if it has broken into thousands of little pieces, leaving us literally heart-broken. But if our heart is broken, we can fix it, right? Right. As devastating as it may feel at the time, you can mend your broken heart. It's not easy and it will take time, but here are some practical steps you can take to begin to heal your broken heart. Step 1 - Allow yourself some time to grieve. A relationship breakup and the broken heart that goes with it can feel like a death, and in a way it is. It's the death of a part of your life that meant something special to you, the death of a routine, familiarity, companionship. Grief is a natural part of any death and it is important to allow yourself time to feel that. Look at the old photos, listen to the sad songs, read the emails and texts and cry your heart out. Think about how much you miss your love, the fun you had together, the private jokes, the special places, think about all of it and let those emotions come through. Bottling things up doesn't help and in the earliest stages of a broken heart the grief will overwhelm everything else so let it out. Step 2 - Take care of yourself. This is very important. The only way to heal that broken heart is to begin by taking very good care of yourself. Even though you might feel like disappearing into a vat of a vodka or a tub of double choc-chip ice cream, now is not the time to do it. Your problems wont go away by themselves and you don't need to add alcoholism or 20 extra pounds to what you are already facing.