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Industry Communications or Media
Occupation Public Relations manager. I also dabble in feature writing, and my background is journalism. I was a columnist for 5 years and published a novel, based on this blog.
Location London , United Kingdom
Introduction This blog is 10 years old. The timeline is strung together by almost constant chaos, starting from my 20s in Johannesburg, to my [now current] 30s in London. In this time I got a book deal, went to a few parties, had a few boyfriends, got a sweet job at one of the best companies in the world, travelled to almost 50 countries, and married a British man. In 2013, I fell pregnant with twins. My cup runneth over. But this fast shattered: just before they were due, one of my precious twins, Molly, died. This is a blog documenting the ups and downs of being a mother to my treasured survivor, Sebastian, a wife, and a South African Londoner. While juggling a corporate career, travelling and everything else in between.
Interests My son, SEBASTIAN. My TWINS. My British HUSBAND. TRAVELLING. Singing karaoke drunk or sober. Saying the word 'fuck, ' taking beautiful PHOTOS, writing, learning new LANGUAGES, using the right side of my brain because my left is retarded, SHOPPING (pretty things like handbags, candles and clothes), EATING AMAZING FOOD, modernist architecture (I come from a family of architects), visiting dangerous places like ghetto's and post-war countries, TWENTIETH CENTURY HISTORY, BUYING MODERN ART (I have a few 'genuine fakes' of Warhol & Liechtenstein), READING WIKIPEDIA PAGES, playing the piano, STANDUP COMEDY, Europe, Scandinavian design, MUSIC, MUSIC, MUSIC.

If mud is dirt plus water, what is clay?

This is so unnecessary.