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Introduction I have been an avid follower of the world's political and economic scene since the great gold rush of 1979 - 1980 when it seemed that the world's economic system was on the verge of collapse. I am most concerned about the mounting level of government debt and the lack of political will to solve the problem. Actions need to be taken sooner rather than later when demographic issues will make solutions far more difficult. As a geoscientist, I am also concerned about the world's energy future; as we reach peak cheap oil, we need to find viable long-term solutions to what will ultimately become a supply-demand imbalance.
Interests World travel, cycling, technology, investing, government screwups
Favorite Movies The Matrix (first one only!), Star Wars 4 through 6, District 9, Forest Gump, Saving Private Ryan, The Pacific and Band of Brothers, The Big Lebowski, District 9
Favorite Music Dire Straits, Bruce Springsteen, Led Zep, The Who, The Beatles, George Harrison, John Lennon, Emerson, Lake and Palmer, Genesis (Peter Gabriel era), Coldplay, CSNY, Steely Dan
Favorite Books King Rat, Welcome to Hard Times, The Pearl, The Grapes of Wrath, Into Thin Air, 1984, The Stand