About me

Industry Education
Occupation WAHM
Location Here, only for a moment..., United States
Introduction How do you widdle down the complexities of who you are into a few sentences? I guess I'll state the few most important characteristics. I am first of all a new creation. Jesus is my rock and all of the rest of my life is based on that. I am a wife. Sometimes a good godly wife, sometimes a selfish whiney wife...always a loving partner, helper to the man God selected for me. I am a mother. That is profound. I don't know if I can elaborate here. I have three gifts from God, well gifts infer that they are mine...they are not. These three precious babies belong to God and I am charged to raise them for Him in their best interests. I am the encourager to my husband, teacher to my children, friend and family to family and friends (don't miss that) and lover of my Savior. There is so much more to me than that but with out these things I am nothing.
Interests Home schooling (or is it homeschooling...) Wii, blogs, both reading and writing, prayer, oh yeah, bing a good wife
Favorite Movies When Harry Met Sally, Royal Tanenboms, The new Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (the old one creeped me out) and a bunch more I'll add as I think of them.
Favorite Music Third Day, Jars of Clay, David Crowder Band, They Might Be Giants, and more
Favorite Books Bible, Celebration of Discapline, all Little House books.