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Industry Student
Occupation Student
Location KNoxville, TN, United States
Introduction OKays, So I'm Kayla affectionately called my self dubbed title "Kayy" Or my several Nicknames: Bella, Bells, Roonies, Lietunant, Lion, Chicken. THe list goes on forever I'm really random and crazy and LOUD with friends but i can be super shy and quiet when i want to be. I think that if you want to do something, do it because Today will soon be gone. So these are my blogs, learn more about me, ENJOY!
Interests Writing, Reading, Chillin.
Favorite Movies COVENANT, the eye, joyride, fast and furious Francize, running scared, 27 dresses, twilight, sydney white, death at a funeral, i robot, pirates of the carribean, the bourne identity, the bourne supremacy, the bourne ultamtium, the riddick trilogy, state of the union, pursuit of happyness, disturbia, blood and chocolate, monty python and the holy grail, 1408, into the blue, uptown girls, this christmas, georgia rule, fools gold, hitman, game plan, freedom writers
Favorite Music Linkin Park, Three Days Grace, Good Charlotte, TI, Eminem, Metallica, U2, ZZ Top, Skillet, Flyleaf, framing hanley, 3 Doors Down, Cherish, Blink 182, Boys Like Girls, Mika, Ashlee Simpson, Black Sabbath, Evanescence, limp bizkit, switchfoot, the amend, Echo Dog (my band. lol), Flo Rida, My Chemical Romance, finger eleven, buckcherry, bullet for my valentine, augustana, 30 Seconds to MArs, red jumpsuit apparatus, something corporate, stone sour, HIM, Kill Hannah, All Time Low, Paramore, Nickelback, Taylor Swift, Carrie Underwood, Lostprophets, and I know im forgetting some.
Favorite Books TWILIGHT, Maximum Ride, Second Glance-Jodi Picoult, Amelia's War, fire starter, Wuthering Heights, Pictures of Hollis Woods, Wrecked, Go Ask Alice, she said yes, house of the scorpion, i could go on for awhile.

Well, maybe they don't need them, but don't you think that some fish might like a bicycle?

YES! fish do need bicycles! How else are they going to go from place to place? Actually swim *scoffs and rolls eyes sarcastically*