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Location Seattle, WA
Introduction When I was just five years old There was nothin' happening at all. Every time I put on the radio there was nothin' goin' down at all, not at all Then, one fine mornin', I put on a New York station. You know, I couldn't believe what I heard at all! I started shakin' to that fine, fine music You know, my life was saved by rock'n'roll Despite all the imputations You know, we could just go out and dance to a rock'n'roll station And it was all right, hey baby, You know, it was all right
Interests Vegetable Sandwiches, Alternative Percussion, Drinking, Not Driving, Being Awesome, Roadside Attractions, Cephalopods, Thunderstorms, Mermaids, Also Baby Ducks and Cats Wearing Outfits
Favorite Music Rock, Roll

Well, maybe they don't need them, but don't you think that some fish might like a bicycle?