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Gender Male
Location Chicago, United States
Introduction "Give a man a mask and he will tell the truth." -Oscar Wilde
Interests art, banksy, beer, beethoven, big black, bookbinding, books, boxing, bruce lee, bukowski, charles bukowski, chelsea fc, chelsea football club, chicago bears, citizen kane, cocteau, coltrane, drinking, dylan, england, existentialism, factotum, fugazi, harlan ellison, hate, hemingway, i spy, james dean, jay ryan, jazz, jim carroll, joseph beuys, joseph campbell, joy division, kubrick, london, morrissey, nick cave, orpheus, orson welles, peter sotos, pizza, ramones, robert culp, rockford files, screeching weasel, shellac, sir richard burton, stanley kubrick, steve albini, steve mcqueen, tate modern, travel, vinyl, whiskey, wine, writing
Favorite Movies Citizen Kane, 2001, Rear Window, Seconds
Favorite Music Shellac, Dianogah, John Coltrane
Favorite Books Factotum, The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle