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Gender MALE
Industry Communications or Media
Occupation Arist/Writer
Location Where do you want me to be from?, United States
Introduction Once in every generation - Heaven smiles upon mankind - sending down a spirit - so divine. That's not me.
Interests Writing, movies, comics, DVDs, midget wrangling, Lacrosse, the occasional street fight, and religion.
Favorite Movies Casablanca, Se7en, Little Miss Sunshine, Unbreakable, Love Actually, Garden State, Double Indemnity, The Descent, Brick - where do I stop? (Star Wars, Scream, Dawn of the Dead (2004), Can't Hardly Wait, Orange County, The Departed, Children of Men, Stranger than Fiction, Titanic, LA Confidential, Traffic, anything with Bogart, Sixth Sense, The Village, Signs (but not that dog-awful Lady in the Water), etc.)
Favorite Music Jack Johnson, Nirvana, Green Day, Garth Brooks, The Offspring, Pat Benetar, Celine Dion, Everclear, Save Ferris. Lately, I'm digging Taylor Swift, Secondhand Serenade, Keith Urban, and the Wreckers (and I occasionally dabble in (don't tell anyone) Fergie). Ooh, and OneRepublic's new album is amazing.
Favorite Books Midnight Nation, Watchmen, Astonishing X-Men, 100 Bullets, Earth X, Preacher, Planetary, The Godfather, Silence of the Lambs, Jurassic Park, In the Lake of the Woods.