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Introduction I can't remember a time without books! Making literature my major didn't sufficiently quench this thirst, so I went on to get a MA. When my kids arrived, I read to them as babes in my arms and put books in their hands as soon as they could grasp them. I became obsessed with finding good children's books. Recently, a friend of mine shared her dilemma in taking her kids to the library. You know the mystery: What does a parent do once she arrives? How do I find the good books before Junior terrorizes the aisles and gets us all kicked out? Usually, I end up blindly pulling as many books off the shelf as I can before grabbing Junior and hissing through my teeth, "Come, now!" Then I get home only to discover that my choices should have been previewed. Since when have I introduced books where violence and disrespect abound? HELP! How did I learn how to pick out some good ones? I have a Mom who is a kindergarten teacher, but, more importantly, who instilled in me a love for reading, consequently a love for books. She's shared many a reading list. Combine that with my compulsion to research anything book related; well, here's what we've found that the kids like.