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Location UTAH, United States
Introduction I find myself in this season of my life feeling blessed and secure, deep rooted in my family and enjoying each sweet moment life has to offer. I am a wife to a wonderful husband who encourages me to live an artful life and to do the things that make me happy. He is my best friend and my forever sweetheart. I am a mom to five amazing spirits, four who have taken flight, venturing out to create their own families to add to our ever growing nest. I am thankful for this sweet family of mine, for their love and support and for the clarity they give me in my life. I am deeply grateful to a Father in Heaven who loves me and who has given me so much. I am very blessed.
Interests I love working in my yard, basking in the sunshine and enjoying the smell of the earth and the fresh grass. I love growing big red tomatoes and old fashioned flowers. I love baking fresh bread, wrapping it up in a pretty dishtowel to give to my neighbors. I love cleaning my house . I love making pretty things with paper and hunting for vintage treasures. I love spending time with my family, going on vacation, playing and listening to the little ones laugh. I love a good Sunday nap. I love good food, food thats bad for you and almost all deserts. I love the ocean. I love traveling and going to cities that have been there forever and being amazed at the architecture that is still standing there. I love going out to lunch with the girlfriends. I love seeing and hearing the Air Force jets fly over. I love our Country. I love my husband. I love my life.