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Introduction I am a mama to two beautiful (no bias at all) little girls and has been trying to find her footing ever since. My past life of being a software engineer for 12 years, is well a thing of the past. I chose to give up the rat race in exchange for my rug rats. Knowing that I wanted to have a very hand-on approach in the upbringing of my children has also meant letting go of the highly (did I say highly? I meant very highly) independent streak. I started blogging as a dare and was surprised to find out people actually read (and better still some even liked) what I wrote. Having had a love for journalism forever but not daring to pursue it in the turbulent South Africa (where I was born and bred) I relegated my life to technology. Here I am once again writing to my heart's content and I profess nothing more to my readers other than being Mommy Niri. I do not believe in doing anything unless I am passionate about it (except maybe diapers). I may not be perfect but I promise to be honest. I hope that Mommy Niri becomes a place where you can reflect, rejoice and reach out. Join me.