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Location Out west..., United States
Introduction Mama. Truth-seeker. I enjoy deep, open, introspective conversations, laughter and play, yoga, gardening, writing, composing music, playing the piano and guitar, crafts, gazing at nature, the paranormal, pondering life and realizing I am but a mere but powerful fleck of divine intelligence making my way through this Dimension.
Interests Figuring it all out.
Favorite Movies These days watching a movie from start to finish is a luxury! But to list my faves? Please. Too many to list. Documentaries, comedies, drama, musicals, movies of today and of the past. I have a favorite in each category.
Favorite Music Any and all. If it has a beat or a melody, I'm into it.
Favorite Books If it's a book and I'm holding it, I'm happy. Lately such books include Clara the Cow and What Makes Elmo Happy.

The hair from your last haircut ... what would it say about your new style?

Screw the style. What was the point of my being on your head if my fate was to end up in some garbage can?