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Industry Arts
Occupation opera singer
Location North Carolina, United States
Introduction This is me. I was actually an early adopter for once when I created this blog in 2001, before the Interwebs had metaphorically cooled. Things have changed a lot since then--like, somehow I am married and have a kid and a mortgage and drive a station wagon (but it's diesel! Purchased for crunchy reasons!), and forty's not nearly as old as it used to be. But we persevere.
Interests music, opera, knitting, Star Trek, politics, sarcasm
Favorite Movies Any of the Christopher Guest mockumentaries, Heathers, North by Northwest, The Empire Strikes Back, Donnie Darko...probably forgetting some.
Favorite Music Renaissance, Classical, Romantic and verismo vocal and instrumental music (yeah, so not Baroque, LOL); classic/hard rock; indie/folk; classic R&B and soul
Favorite Books Too many to choose from! I generally gravitate toward science fiction--futurism and dystopias, less fantasy--mysteries, historical fiction and biographies. If somebody is embarking on a long journey, crossing their own timestream, or examining primary sources, I'm into it. Unless it's a romance novel.

Describe the sound of a moist waffle falling onto a hot griddle.

flwuhp! sizzle...