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Introduction Petracovich, aka Jessica Peters-Malmberg, is named after her great-grandfather, a Russian-Jewish immigrant who loved the opera, and would dress in his best suit to listen to the Met on the radio in the parlor on Sunday afternoons. The nord lead and the piano were the foundations. The baby grand has followed her around since college in one bedroom apartments, not letting Jessica ignore her. Max Diez is on the drums, adding lots of momentum and fun. She loves being on the road with her husband, they've crossed the country several times on tour together, sleeping in the van, on floors of people they've met, having great adventures, meeting such good people. Since she had her beautiful children, Otto and Luna, she is always singing for them.

Interests sitting outside and watching the birds and trees, writing, reading, listening to tunes, writing tunes, singing, volleyball, watching basketball, all things spiritual, the ocean
Favorite Music too much!
Favorite Books White Pine, Mary Oliver, Brothers Karamazov, Lolita, Peace is Every Step, Walk in the Woods, Thomas Hardy's descriptions of nature but not the devastating stories, Outlander, Animal Dreams, Poisonwood Bible, Blankets

When you hesitate before hitting snooze on your alarm clock, are you being lazy?

No, sleep is a beautiful thing and I might just get one more dream in...