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Location Pittsburgh, PA/Hawaii in my heart, United States
Introduction I am defined by my actions, commitments and surroundings. Right now I am in a place in my life where my children are of the most import and that everything else is immediately related to that commitment to them. I am in awe of my sisters, seeing my connectedness with my big sis and seeing my past and future in my little sis. My mom is always the diagram for a great design of who one wants to mold their life around. My father is always with me even though he is not. My friends I define as Unique....they are different, open-minded, comedic, and especially smart (most are "more smarter" than me). And then there is C...he is my heart.=)
Interests Painting, photography, art media, talking-a lot (my sister is the rambler, so it's in the blood), playing-like a kid or with a kid
Favorite Movies Comedies, Half-truths, Documentaries, Artsy, Fun, NO SCARY ONES PLEASE...if it has a disclaimer regarding gory I probably won't look at that either. I like suspense, but I mean that in the "I wonder if that delicate $1 million dollar vase is gonna fall out of his hands and break" sort of suspense, not the "is she gonna cut off her own arm or kill the guy" kinda girl....rock on to all y'all that can deal with that sort of movie. =)
Favorite Music I am really finding my music genre only now in my 30...I decline to say 30's on purpose as this is my first year. The music I find myself clinging to is Indie, Reggae, happy go lucky but not cheesy, mellow I am gonna sit on the beach and smile sorta music. I like Bands like the Roots, Jack Johnson, jason mraz, Lauren Hill, The Ting Tings, you get the picture... there isn't enough space to fill my interests.
Favorite Books Well if you know me you would know I am a flip to the back of the book type of girl, so there for do not have the patience for good long books. I like to read articles and short stories and am mostly visual, I read a lot into a good picture and have a good healthy imagination. Childrens books like: Phantom Tollbooth and Chronicles of Narnia are my sort of "long read" and I did jump on the Harry Potter band wagon too. See, not much of a book worm. I have real interest in the On-line newspapers, but am limited by my attention span and move quickly to subject not connected to each other, kind of a A.D.D. type of person....i am sweet though. =)

What is the sweetest sound to you....the sound that makes you smile out of the corner of your mouth and giggle in your heart?